Jameson Williams is not lacking confidence after breakthrough play in Week 6

Jameson Williams showed the difference he can make for the Lions' offense in Week 6, but he downplayed the play as a special boost to his confidence.
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Jameson Williams had an unremarkable 2023 season debut in Week 5 against the Carolina Panthers, however highlighted by a bad-looking drop on a pass he would say he should have caught. Week 6 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be another step in his development, even if there weren't necessarily big tangible results.

Oh, but there were tangible results. When the Lions' offense needed a spark, Williams caught a 45-yard touchdown from Jared Goff to stretch Detroit's lead to a margin that seemed and would prove to be insurmountable.

If you'd like to see it again....and why wouldn't you want to see it again....

The catch, on a deep ball. The tracking of the ball, and the adjustment to an imperfect throw with a defender all over him. It was everything that has been envisioned Williams could bring to the Lions' offense, with few moments of it so far amid an injury recovery and a gambling suspension.

Jameson Williams clearly does not lack confidence after breakthrough play vs. Buccaneers

Williams actually played less in Week 6 (16 snaps) than he did in Week 5 (30 snaps). But it's not about how much he plays, as much as the plays he makes. There's was another near-miss against Tampa Bay, when he beat Buccaneers' cornerback Jamel Dean on a comeback route. But Goff's throw was tipped at the line of scrimmage, leaving a tough catch on a low ball that Williams couldn't quite corral.

On Thursday, Williams was asked if the touchdown against the Buccaneers boosted his confidence.

"My confidence was already out the roof." :That’s just how I think about myself. I think I’m the best. So as a boost, it maybe sent me from like 100 to 150," Williams said with a smile. "I would say that."

There has been plenty of talk about the connection between Williams and Goff, or lack thereof due to sheer lack of enough time to develop it thus far. Williams addressed that a bit too.

I’ve always had a high comfort level with Goff, since we started knowing each other," Williams said. "It’s never changed with me not getting the ball, me not getting in the game, me missing time on the field. It’s always been a high confidence level."

Last Sunday's touchdown, in a big moment during a statement-type game for the Lions, feels like it could be a turning point (to the good, of course) for Williams. Time will tell, but his confidence level is apparently not greatly impacted by the play on its own. And that's probably a good thing.

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