Lions quarterback Jared Goff is not (yet) deterred by Jameson Williams' drops

As expected, Lions quarterback Jared Goff said he has not lost faith in Jameson Williams.
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In the big picture, Jameson Williams having his gambling suspension shortened by two games was a great thing. It allowed him to practice, get ramped up and play in Week 5 against the Carolina Panthers.

And Williams did play against the Panthers, a fairly healthy 28 offensive snaps. He had two catches on three targets, albeit for a net of two yards. His run blocking stood out a couple times, as head coach Dan Campbell said he was happy with Williams' season debut while looking forward to seeing more/better.

Appearing on 97.1 The Ticket Tuesday, quarterback Jared Goff talked about Williams too. The bad drop he had against Carolina, as an on-the-money throw from Goff went through his hands with a Panthers' defender in the vicinity but not necessarily bearing down, was an easy talking point.

"It’s not like he’s the first guy in the history of football to have a drop," Goff said. "It’s going to happen and just come back the next play. It’s not going to deter me from throwing him the ball. It never will. As long as he keeps getting himself open, I'm going to keep delivering him the ball and he’ll make those plays."

Williams was also "credited" with two drops on his nine targets last season, via Pro Football Reference, so it's not a new thing.

Jared Goff maintaining full faith in Jameson Williams

Campbell praised Williams' work as a blocker against the Panthers, and Goff naturally did the same.

"To be honest, his blocking was tremendous. I know that’s not a stat you see from receivers, but he sprung some of those runs both early and late in the game. He loves blocking and he’s good at it, and that’s a good sign from a receiver, a guy that enjoys it and wants to see his running backs do their thing."

From the Lions' coaches, to the players and down to fans, patience is the only thing that makes sense to have regarding Williams right now. Any big expectations, at least for now, are sure to be left unfulfilled. But when will the patience, and faith like Goff and Campbell are publicly professing, run out?


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