Fantasy analysts express lofty outlooks for a couple Detroit Lions in 2023

The Detroit Lions should be a fantasy-friendly offense again this year, and a couple analysts are especially high on a couple players.

The Detroit Lions had a top-tier offense last season, which naturally yielded some fantasy football value (Amon-Ra St. Brown, Jamaal Williams, Jared Goff). Some of the pieces will be different this year, but the expectation is the Lions will again have a productive offense that yields notable fantasy contributors.

St. Brown will certainly be the highest-drafted Lion in fantasy this year, in the range of the top 10-12 wide receivers off the board. Goff has great appeal in the right situation or format, while the backfield combo of David Montgomery and rookie Jahmyr Gibbs will be worthy of attention. Even rookie tight end Sam LaPorta could be a useful fantasy option at a light position. Going deeper, wide receivers Marvin Jones and Josh Reynolds could have some early value while Jameson Willliams serves his suspension, and Williams himself could be a real difference maker once he's able to play.

Fantasy Pros analysts have lofty predictions for two Detroit Lions

Fantasy Pros recently gathered recently some analysts to make a list of 24 fantasy breakout candidates for 2023.

Running backs led the article, and Smitty of The Fantasy Football Show went all-in on Gibbs.

"Jahmyr Gibbs is going to win fantasy football leagues. His ADP lingers in the 4th-round, which is insane considering he has top-10 overall upside (yes, even as a rookie). Rookie running backs have top 1-10 RB seasons all the time, and the Lions are set to explode in 2023. Anyone that tries to paint pictures about Gibbs using old stories about D’Andre Swift and Jamaal Williams doesn’t know what time it is. Gibbs could have 1,500 total yards, 60+ receptions, and 12+TDs during his rookie campaign. He is a top 10 overall player hiding in the 4th round. Get on board.”"

It's easy to be very high on Gibbs in fantasy this year....too easy, really. Some rankings, yes only here as June winds down, practically have him ranked as if Montgomery does not exist. To do all three of "1,500 total yards, 60+ receptions and 12+ touchdowns" is a high-end end outcome for Gibbs this season. You (likely) won't have to draft him as if it's going to happen, but a third-round pick may be necessary.

Down in the section combining tight ends and quarterbacks, Justin Fuhr of Pro Football Mania went bold for Goff.

"Jared Goff will come close to a top 5 finish in 2023. Goff had an exceptional 2022 campaign and gets his OC Ben Johnson back. Expect more of the same from Goff next year, including 30+ touchdowns. At his current ADP, Goff will end up being a steal.”"

It is true that Goff could end up being a steal at his ADP, which is in QB2 range right now and sure to stay there. And he was a top-10 fantasy quarterback last year, so a leap to "close to a top-5 finish in 2023" wouldn't be a large one from that. But the standing angle here is regression, even slight, is more likely from Goff this year than being better than last year.

So where are you willing to draft Gibbs in fantasy this year? Do you think Goff can be even better than he was last year?


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