ESPN writer keeps predicting Chris Jones to the Detroit Lions

It feels very unlikely to happen, but one ESPN writer is all in on the idea of Chris Jones to the Detroit Lions.
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It seems the Kansas City Chiefs will have to pick one of their defensive stars to re-sign, and they'll lose the other. A tag-and-trade scenario is open with cornerback L'Jarius Sneed, and according to The Athletic there's "growing optimism" they'll be able to re-sign defensive tackle Chris Jones.

If Sneed is at all available, and it seems he is, the Detroit Lions should be in on him. If Jones is available, they should be in on him in a broad sense. On his list of bold offseason predictions for each NFL team, ESPN's Aaron Schatz had the Lions getting Jones.

"The Lions are in great position this offseason as a division champion that also has cap space to improve. As a result the Lions will probably be tied to every major free agent who's available, especially on defense," There will be talk about a lot of veterans joining the Lions to try to break the curse and get them to the Super Bowl. But the best choice would be a player who already has won three of them: Jones of the Chiefs."

ESPN writer keeps predicting Chris Jones to the Lions

It's doubtful Schatz has any significant inside information that would push him toward matching the Lions and Jones. In a more recent piece projecting key free agent moves for each team, he did it again.

"Jones ranked second among all defensive tackles in pass rush win rate last season (19.6%), and he had the highest double-team rate at 72%,“If he makes it to free agency, he would be a huge addition to the Lions’ defense and could be the difference-maker who finally brings them to the Super Bowl.”

Schatz does point to the "if" of Jones reaching free agency. A couple more "ifs" are if the Lions would pursue him then, and if they'd simply be out-bid if they did. The Lions do have former Chiefs general manager John Dorsey, who drafted Jones, in their front office as a potential conduit and advocate for the move.

If Jones were available, the other 31 teams would want him. A significant portion of those, due to cost, lack of significant enough need and his own wants, can be eliminated from getting him.

The Lions could easily be on the short list of remaining teams, with ample cap space, need and their status as a top-tier contender coming off a trip to the NFC Championship Game. But the chances they aggressively pursue, let alone sign, Jones continue to be very slim.


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