Detroit Lions rumors: Xavien Howard opens the door to landing in Detroit

Xavien Howard remains available fairly deep into free agency, and he has opened the door to landing with the Lions.
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As free agency rolls out, now through nearly two full weeks, the Detroit Lions have a resurfaced need at cornerback on some level after the release of Cameron Sutton. Drafting a cornerback early next month has never been totally off the table, but now it seems a bit more likely.

Among the available free agent options at cornerback, Xavien Howard stands out. He was released by the Miami Dolphins when the new league year started, and when the news came about that move it was easy to tie the Lions to him. It was also easy for some to see how it could be a poor fit, for a few reasons. Perhaps not the least of which is the drop-off in his performance over the last two seasons, by his surface numbers and Pro Football Focus grades.

Since Howard is a Houston native, he and the Texans have been tabbed as an ideal match from the start. On a recent episode of The OGs Podcast, hosted by former NBA players Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller, Howard re-established the idea of signing with the Texans.

"I would love to do that. Especially back at home, the crib," Howard said. "I wouldn't say I've always been a Houston Texans fan, but this offseason, I'm a Houston Texans fan. I've had it tatted on me. I even got the Houston Rockets and the Texans (logos) tatted on me. "It’s a realistic option for me. They have a hell of a quarterback. I love a defensive coach.”

Lions rumors: Xavien Howard opens the door to landing in Detroit

After previous comments he would not take a pay cut to stay with the Dolphins, Howard had new remarks about what he's looking for financially from a new team.

"My goal is always to try to win a Super Bowl. Don't let the money get in the way of winning a Super Bowl. Some people get paid, and some people win a Super Bowl. Some people do both. You do both, you're different. I want to be different. I want to win a Super Bowl now. I already got paid, so now (a Super Bowl) is what I'm looking forward to."

In terms of the Lions' specifically, Howard sounded open to the idea.

"I wouldn't mind Detroit, even though it's a little cold out there."

It can be argued Howard is a better fit for the Lions now than he was when free agency started. They have added Carlton Davis and Amik Robertson, so Howard would be a piece of the equation more than the unequivocal CB1. Remaining available like he has has also apparently changed his tune about money, though the idea of not taking a pay cut was probably exclusive to the Dolphins.

The easy refrain about the Lions signing Howard is, "if the price is right." And the price may be at least getting more reasonable than it looked to be initially.

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