Ranking the Top 10 Lions quarterbacks of all-time

If Lions fans needed any more reason to pick up a drinking habit, here are a few.
Detroit Lions, Matthew Stafford
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8. Joey Harrington

Lions fans will remember Joey Harrington very well. If you thought Batch was supposed to save this franchise, think again. That was all on the shoulders of the number three overall pick out of Oregon back in 2002.

The 6-foot-4 Duck came to the Lions to be the future of this franchise, but instead like many before him, lasted just a little while; four seasons, to be exact. In those four seasons, Harrington's best year came during the 2004 campaign when he threw for 3,047 yards, 19 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

Yep... that was his best.

Overall, Harrington finished as the Lions' seventh all-time passer with 10,242 yards. He threw 60 touchdowns, 62 interceptions and was sacked just 77 times. That last number was actually fairly impressive for a franchise that saw many of these on the list finish well over 100.

Following his last season in Detroit, 2005, Harrington spent one year with the Miami Dolphins and then a season with the Atlanta Falcons before seeing his career come to an abrupt end.