Detroit Lions have two notable unsigned 2023 draft picks

Draft pick signings are generally a formality these days, but the Detroit Lions have two notable rookies who are unsigned.

Thanks to the collective bargaining agreement that started in 2011, holdouts from NFL draft picks are largely a thing of the past. Contracts are financially slotted, and some of the major holdups nowadays are the structure of guaranteed money, signing bonus payout and offset language. A new one is more guaranteed money for second-round picks, which we saw in the Detroit Lions' deal with tight end Sam LaPorta.

Overall, only 31 of the 259 players drafted in April are unsigned entering Monday. Nine are first-rounders, with 14 second-rounders, two third-rounders, two fourth-rounders and fourth sixth-rounders who are unsigned.

The Lions have signed six of their eight 2023 draft picks. The two who are unsigned are running back Jahmyr Gibbs (No. 12 overall) and safety Brian Branch (No. 45 overall).

Detroit Lions: What will the rookie contracts look like for Jahmyr Gibbs and Brian Branch?

Using Spotrac's slotted contract value estimates, here's what rookie deals for Gibbs and Branch would look like.

Gibbs (No. 12 overall): four years, $17,845,131, $9,978,277 signing bonus, $3,244,569 cap hit for 2023

Branch (No. 45 overall): four years, $8,021,730, $2,833,985 signing bonus, $1,458,496 cap hit for 2023

As a first-round pick, Gibbs or course will have a fifth-year option for 2027 of a to-be determined value the Lions will have to decide on. From him at No. 12 to No. 17 overall (Christian Gonzalez), only one pick is currently signed.

In line with the push for more guaranteed money for second-round picks, only two picks between No. 40 and No. 52 overall are signed right now. That obviously includes Branch.

No offense to Colby Sorsdal, but if he wasn't signed right now it would not be moving the needle at all. That it's Gibbs and Branch who are not signed naturally pushes some interest level.

If it gets close to training camp and those guys are still not signed, then there can be more concern about it from Lions fans. It should ultimately be a formality, with Gibbs and Branch both signed and ready to go when rookies report to Allen Park for training camp next month.