Detroit Lions asked Arizona Cardinals for a little more than they ultimately got in draft trade

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The Detroit Lions and Arizona Cardinals got a notable trade done in the first round of April's draft, but not before the Lions apparently asked for a little bit more.

The Arizona Cardinals traded down from No. 3 to No. 12 overall in April's draft, then they wanted to move back up. The found a willing partner in the Detroit Lions at No. 6 overall, and the deal looked liked this when it was all said and done.

Lions got: Pick No. 12 (became running back Jahmyr Gibbs), Pick No. 34 (became tight end Sam LaPorta), Pick No. 158 (became guard Colby Sorsdal)

Cardinals got: Pick No. 6 (became offensive tackle Paris Johnson), Pick No. 81 (Arizona traded up to No. 72, and got cornerback Garrett Williams)

The Cardinals recently released a behind the scenes look at their 2023 draft room. On center stage is their frantic effort to trade up from No. 12, with calls to the Seattle Seahawks (No. 5), the Lions (No. 6), Las Vegas Raiders (No. 7) and Atlanta Falcons (No. 8).

Detroit Lions apparently asked for future first-round pick in draft trade with the Cardinals

Ari Meirov of The 33rd Team tweeted the clip.

Hat-tip to Pride of Detroit for the find, and here's the full video of the Cardinals' draft room.

With who appears to be Lions general manager Brad Holmes on the other end of the line, here's what Cardinals general manager Monti Ossenfort was captured saying.

Ossenfort: “Hey bud, how are you? You guys picking here or what are you thinking? Yeah, I think we’d do (pick) 34 and then we would need something back....No, no we wouldn’t do a ‘24 one.”

So it seems Holmes asked for a 2024 first-round pick as a counter to getting pick No. 34 this year. With the Cardinals looking ready to embrace a tank this year, they have the best current odds to have the No. 1 overall pick next April. So the Cardinals weren't going to part with their No. 1 pick next year, but Holmes went with a "you don't know unless you ask" philosophy.

It wound up being a mutual beneficial trade, albeit one that favored the Lions if you believe the draft pick point value charts. But we've got another glimpse at the fast pace of a war room during a draft when wheeling and dealing is being done.

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