Detroit Lions 2024 draft picks are officially set

With compensatory picks awarded on Friday, the Detroit Lions' 2024 draft picks are now officially fully set.
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Detroit is of course hosting the 2024 NFL Draft next month, and the Lions are slated to have seven selections right now, including four in the top-100. They were not set to receive any compensatory draft picks again this year, with the formula based on gains and losses in the prior year's run in free agency as well as minority candidates who get hired away as a head coach or a general manager.

But until things were made official by the league, the number of compensatory picks that would be doled out and how that would impact where picks would be starting in the third round was unknown.

On Friday, the NFL announced all of the compensatory draft picks for 2024. A total of 34 picks were added, and they start in the third round (pick No. 96, to the Jacksonville Jaguars) and end at No. 257 ("Mr. Irrelevant", to the New York Jets). The San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams lead the way with five compensatory selections,

The Lions, of course, did not receive any compensatory picks.

Detroit Lions' list of 2024 draft picks

With that, here are this official list of the Lions' 2024 draft picks heading into free agency.

  • First Round-Pick No. 29
  • Second Round-Pick No. 61
  • Third Round-Pick No. 73
  • Third Round-Pick No. 92
  • Fifth Round: Pick No. 163
  • Sixth Round: Pick No. 204
  • Seventh Round: Pick No. 249

Detroit's sixth-round pick moved up three spots after compensatory picks were given, while their seventh-rounder moved down two spots. They picked up an extra third-round pick in the T.J. Hockenson trade with the Vikings at the 2022 deadline, and they gave up their fourth-round pick in that deal.

General manager Brad Holmes likes to move around in the draft, and parting with a draft pick for a veteran to fill a big need on the defensive side of the ball could be in play. So not having a fourth round pick may change, and even having seven total picks is subject to possible change soon.


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