Dan Campbell seems to dismiss any Detroit Lions interest in DeAndre Hopkins

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The Detroit Lions keep being mentioned as a possible landing spot for DeAndre Hopkins, but head coach Dan Campbell seemed to dismiss the notion.

In a broad sense, the Detroit Lions could use some of DeAndre Hopkins' caliber to their offense as their proverbial "No. 1" wide receiver. But a number of factors, even after he was cut by the Arizona Cardinals, seem to lean toward him landing elsewhere.

But if Hopkins' market fails to take shape as expected and the price was right, the Lions' signing him shouldn't be ruled out. One of the perceived top landing spots for him, the Buffalo Bills, is now being tabbed as a long shot to sign him.

When Dan Campbell spoke to the media at OTAs on Thursday, he certainly expected a question about Hopkins. In so many words with his response, which is to say few words, the Lions head coach addressed the Hopkins topic.

Detroit Lions rumors: Dan Campbell seems to dismiss any level of interest in DeAndre Hopkins

Via Dave Birkett of The Detroit Free Press, here's what Campbell said.

"I like our receiver room," Campbell said on Thursday. "I think we got a good mix of different types of guys. I think it’s important really in your skill position, between tight ends, backs and receivers that you have a mix of different types of skill sets. And I feel like we have that.""

Regarding Hopkins specifically, Campbell declined comment.

We've been down these kinds of roads before, and it won't be the last time.

Campbell was not going to publicly say the Lions have interest in Hopkins, or that he himself is "intrigued" by Hopkins, as the question was framed. A "no comment" was easily followed by the "I like our receiver room" line, which just what New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh said about his team having any interest in Hopkins.

It's still unlikely the Lions sign Hopkins, despite all the outside sentiment and even some betting odds that are out there. Campbell seemed to dismiss any interest, as much as anything can be pulled out of what he had to say on Thursday.

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