Incentives in Marvin Jones' contract with Lions revealed

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We knew the contract Marvin Jones signed with the Detroit Lions had incentives in it, and now the precise details are out.

As part of what became something of a theme for the Detroit Lions this offseason, wide receiver Marvin Jones was brought back in free agency on a one-year deal. While his best days are behind him at 33 years old, he should be a veteran leader and a fairly productive player in his role.

Jones' deal with the Lions was for $3 million in base value, but it was additionally reported he could earn "up to" $5 million with incentives. The parameters of said incentives were not out at that point. But now, they are.

Ari Meirov of The 33rd Team obtained the incentive details of a chunk of NFL player contracts which were inked this offseason. Jones was among them.

Details of the incentives in Marvin Jones' deal with the Lions

Via Meirov, here's the detailed breakdown of Jones' $2 million in incentives for the 2023 season.

55 receptions--$200,000
65 receptions--$200,000
75 receptions--$200,000
700-plus receiving yards--$200,000
850 receiving yards--$200,000
1,000 receiving yards--$300,000
5 receiving touchdowns--$200,000
7 receiving touchdowns--$200,000
10 receiving touchdowns--$300,000

Most of these incentives, if not all of them, are likely in the "unlikely to be earned" category for Jones. Which means any he does hit will hit the 2024 balance sheet for the Lions when offseason adjustments are made.

That being said, in 2021, his first season with the Jacksonville Jaguars when he had a bigger role than he did in 2022, Jones had 73 receptions for 832 yards and four touchdowns. Under the incentives of his new deal with the Lions, that kind of season would bank him an extra $600,000 (and nearly another $400,000).

During Jameson Williams' six-game suspension to start the season, Jones is in line to be the Lions' No. 2 wide receiver. And probably, with Josh Reynolds in the mix, no worse than the No. 3 wide receiver during that stretch for an offense that should remain pretty good.

Will Jones hit any of these numbers this season? 55 catches seems to be within the realm of possibility, as does five touchdowns. Beyond that, the odds don't seem great that he'll cash in much via incentives.

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