Dan Campbell has full faith in Brad Holmes' trade deadline plan for the Lions

The Detroit Lions are positioned as buyers as the Oct. 31 trade deadline approaches, and head coach Dan Campbell has full faith in what general manager Brad Holmes is doing.
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At 5-1, the Detroit Lions are in a rare position as a clear-cut buyers as the Oct. 31 NFL trade deadline nears. If anything, and just last year with the trade of T.J. Hockenson, they've been clear-cut sellers in the past. It's clear general manager Brad Holmes won't make a deal just for the sake of making one, but it's also clear without it necessarily being said that he has his eyes open for deals that can improve the team.

On Friday, head coach Dan Campbell was asked if he has had conversations with Holmes about the looming trade deadline.

"Look, you know him, he’s always looking,”“He’s looking. He’s seeing if something is out there, something that makes sense. But, ultimately, man, that’s -- I trust him. He’s gonna handle it. And if it’s something that’s serious, he’ll bring it to me. Otherwise, I handle my business getting this team ready to play the next week."

“And whatever does or does not happen, I trust Brad 100%. It’s going to be for the betterment of our team.”

Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes are in concert about how to build the Lions' roster

Past Lions' regimes had a general manager and head coach who were in sync on roster moves, trades, free agent signings etc. But, without mentioning names....*Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia*....it didn't go well. Campbell and Holmes are also in concert about the type of players they want. But they aren't copying anyone. And most importantly, the roster build is working.

A couple areas to watch on the Lions' trade front before the deadline, or maybe just one most significantly now that Jahmyr Gibbs is set to return this week, are running back and cornerback. Wide receiver could be another in a certain light, as could kicker if faith in Riley Patterson diminishes as he shows his long-distance field goal limitations.

But in a broad sense, Campbell will do as he should and let Holmes work, knowing anything with significant traction on the trade front will be brought to his attention.


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