Dan Campbell adds to list of memorable quotes to say he's not weighed down by expectations around the Lions

In saying how fan expectations are not weighing him down, Lions head coach Dan Campbell added to his list of memorable quotes.
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Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell expressed concern about the "hype train" around his team at the outset of training camp. But he is also professing a "prove it" mentality, heading into a season where the Lions are the favorites to win the NFC North. Any burden of expectations is new for this franchise.

From the outset of his tenure in Detroit, with his "knee biting" comments at his introductory press conference, Campbell has authored plenty of memorable quotes. Before Saturday morning's practice, he added another to the list.

Big news was made this week with the Lions' announcement that season tickets have been sold out for the first time since they've called Ford Field home. So fans are buying into the expectations around the team this year, quite literally.

When asked about the expectations conveyed by Ford Field being sold out for the first time, Campbell showed some music knowledge beyond his noted love of Metallica.

Dan Campbell adds to his list of memorable quotes when talking about feeling any pressure from expectations

Quoting Bette Midler's biggest hit, "Wind Beneath My Wings", is certainly a unique way to say he and the team are not being weighed down by those expectations. But that's where Campbell went, in response to the concept of any pressure brought on by the expectations around the Lions.

It's something you have to see and hear on video to get the full effect.

Campbell went on to fully embrace the enthusiasm from Lions' fans.

"“I love this, man,” Campbell continued. “This is outstanding. I love our fans. I love it. And they feel it like we feel it. No, this is not a burden, this is not pressure, this is not weight. This gives me inspiration is what it does for me and our guys.”"

Dan Campbell

Expectations as inspiration and not weight is the right mindset for the Lions. And Campbell, as could have been expected, had a unique way to put it out there.

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