Colin Cowherd would take Jared Goff over at least one very notable quarterback

In comparing Jared Goff to some other quarterbacks, Colin Cowherd really loves the Lions' signal caller.
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In the days since news of his massive contract extension, Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff has been a topic of conversation. The implications of his contract on the Lions' future books, how his contract impacts quarterbacks who are also set to get new deals soon, etc.

Some of the daily sports talk shows, ok probably all of them, have devoted entire segments to Goff's new contract in some capacity. On Tuesday, Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports did so on "The Herd" with a segment called "Take Goff of Takeoff", comparing the Lions' signal caller to some other notable quarterbacks around the league and making a choice between Goff or said other quarterback.

Please ignore the pilot's outfit Cowherd is wearing, and try to focus on what he's saying.

Colin Cowherd really loves Jared Goff

Cowherd took Lamar Jackson over Goff, then took Goff over Jalen Hurts with the caveat he was open to re-evaluating by Thanksgiving. Dak Prescott was next up.

"Goff. Easy." Cowherd said. I think he's getting better as he gets older, especially in the postseason. I think Dak has had a few injuries, has hit a ceiling, has hit a wall...."

Before the segment, and the themed costume, Cowherd offered Matthew Stafford as a better comp for Goff than Prescott

After taking Justin Herbert over Goff, and taking Goff over Jordan Love, with the re-evaluation caveat regarding Love, Joe Burrow was on the docket for "Take Goff or Takeoff."

"This is the hardest one. Burrow is better, Burrow has four straight years with injuries, Goff never gets hurt. I'd go Goff and I love Burrow," Cowherd said. "But aren't you concerned about Burrow's injuries? When's the last time he had a good September? You're getting to a point with Joe Burrow where the injuries are a part of it. Like you have to bake it in. People always bang on Lamar Jackson for being hurt, but, okay, then Joe Burrow gets hurt. So if you're asking me today, who I would take, this moment, very close, it's Goff."

"Again, I know Burrow's better. I'm not denying that, I'm not in any way. More mobile, I think he's as good a third-down quarterback as the league has. But all things considered, I'm really concerned about Burrow's health."

Choosing Goff over Burrow is sure something. But Cowherd is putting some significant weight on health, and Burrow gets knocked based on that. Cowherd has also praised Goff highly before, so his broader sentiment from the "Take Goff or Takeoff" segment isn't a huge leap from that precedent.


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