Chris Simms heaps big praise on Lions quarterback Jared Goff

Take whatever issue you'd like with his quarterback rankings, but Chris Simms has given Jared Goff some big props.
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Chris Simms is an occasional lightning rod for his quarterback rankings, going into the draft each year and around this time of the year his ranking of the league's signal callers as a whole. Jared Goff landed at No. 30 in his quarterback rankings in 2022, and No. 17 in 2023.

Simms' full top-40 ranking of NFL quarterbacks heading into the 2024 season all the way out as of early this week.

Goff came in at No. 10.

In the video clip highlighting the ranking, Simms heaped praise on Goff.

"We gotta give Jared Goff his props, man," Simms said. "Jared Goff has made one of the greatest turnarounds I’ve ever seen in NFL history. It’s rare when you go from 'system guy, I need to be massaged, I need the scheme to help me,' to, 'I’ve fixed that issue and now I’m aggressive and throw the ball all over and the offense is scary because I’m scary. I make big throws that change the game."

"He's become incredible at seeing the field," said Simms. "In a clean pocket there is almost no one better than Jared Goff."

"He's big, he has a strong arm, stronger than it gets credit for. It’s not pretty, it’s one of the uglier (throwing) motions in the top 20, not always a perfect spiral, doesn’t always spin, but damn it hits the people between the numbers, a lot. Or right underneath their chin, a lot. Style points, sexiness, screw all that. The results are the results. The damn guy is good."

Jared Goff gets further props for simply being a grown-up

There's something to be said for being a quarterback who is not a distraction off the field in any way shape or form. Goff dipped into that water with a bit of criticism toward the Detroit media earlier this offseason, but even that was pulled from a larger section of good things he said in that podcast appearance.

Simms also spoke about that aspect of Goff.

"I respect him because he’s not a rah-rah guy, he has no ego," said Simms. "It’s a workmanlike attitude that has endeared him to his teammates and Detroit. He’s got the city and the team believing in him, and with the really damn good quarterbacks, you gotta have that."

Mike Valenti of 97.1 The Ticket, in the light of recent news about a quarterback that used to call the NFC North home, also voiced his appreciation for Goff's approach.

Goff has gone from discarded by Sean McVay to struggling early in Detroit to being a top-tier quarterback in the league if you view him in the light of what he does well and how he carries himself. The last part matters as much as what he does on the field.


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