Cardinals draft video shows Lions would not be outdone to get Terrion Arnold

The Lions traded up to get Terrion Arnold in April's draft, and another team's behind the scenes video further shows they were not going to be outdone to get him.

Defensive players falling the way they did in the first round of April's draft worked nicely for the Detroit Lions. Ultimately, they traded up from No. 29 to No. 24 overall to get cornerback Terrion Arnold, parting with a third-round pick (No. 73 overall) to get it done.

We've heard about a few scenarios where Arnold almost wasn't a Lion, including one where the rival Packers coveted him too. Given that he was the No. 1 cornerback in this year's draft for a lot analysts, and No. 2 generally at worst, it's no surprise the Lions had competition.

A look at the Arizona Cardinals cornerback depth chart would seem to have put them in the market for a cornerback in the first round of the draft. The ultimately took Max Melton in the second round, which may work out just fine. But a behind the scenes video they recently released may paint a slightly different intention.

Cardinals draft video shows Lions were not going to be outdone to get Terrion Arnold

These kind of "in the draft room" videos have to be taken with some grain of salt. But they can be revealing sometimes.

At the five-minute mark of the above clip, Cardinals' general manager Monti Ossenfort is shown on the phone.

"We’ll give you 27 and 104 and we would take 24 and 174,” Ossenfort said. “Okay, call me back. Obviously, (it’s) depending on if our guy’s there.”

The Dallas Cowboys had the 24th overall pick, before they did a deal with the Lions to move down. The conversation with Dallas from the Cardinals' end was never referred to again in the video. They wound up staying put at No. 27 and taking defensive lineman Darius Robinson.

Ultimately, Dallas got a much better deal from the Lions than the one Ossenfort put out there as a possible baseline for discussions, getting picks No. 29 and No. 73 for pick No. 24 and a 2025 seventh-rounder. The Rich Hill and Fitzgerald-Spielberger draft value charts both show it, with equivalent loss of a fourth and an early fifth-round pick respectively for the Lions in the deal that got done.

The trade to move up five spots and get Arnold looked a little rich right away, so that's not a revelation. The Lions were in a position to consolidate draft capital to get players they wanted this year if they wanted to, and Arnold was clearly one of their guys.

Time will tell if they were right. But there's always something to be said for going to get "your guy" with no regret. The Lions wanted Arnold. More and more, we're seeing they simply were not going to be outdone to move up and get him when he fell far enough to make it happen.


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