Calvin Johnson is a fan of Dan Campbell, has advice for Jameson Williams

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Calvin Johnson's relationship with the Detroit Lions is on the mend, and he's on-board with what Dan Campbell is doing.

There have been signs recently that Calvin Johnson's relationship with the Detroit Lions is improving, and perhaps the greatest sign of that yet was his appearance at OTAs on Wednesday. No, seriously, he was there.

Johnson also did an interview with Ryan Ermanni of Fox 2 and Woodward Sports. First, he talked about his relationship with the Lions.

""We have had more and more frequent discussions. Speaking a lot with not just Mike Disner over there. Even more people are coming into the fold, being able to talk to the coaches and whatnot. It's very cool."

"I'm a fan of the game. I'm a fan of Dan (Campbell). I'm a fan of the coaching staff that he has over there, because I know how much the team will learn from that, will glean from that,""

Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson offers the advice he'd have for Jameson Williams

Last summer, Johnson professed a desire to mentor Jameson Williams. It's unclear if anything has come from that yet. But In the wake of a six-game gambling suspension, Johnson offered the advice he'd have for the young receiver.

"We've seen the adversity that he's been through. We're here living it with him, you know, and it's unfortunate," said Johnson. "But, the adversity is going to come. There's always going to be adversity with anything that you do. Even the things that are seemingly going right, there's always going to be some level of adversity. "

"It's really just how you interact with that adversity," Johnson continued. "How do you combat that adversity? Do you allow the adversity to hold you down or do you push up? Do you thrive? Do you stand back up? This is all about getting back up. No matter how many times you're getting knocked down, you just got to keep on getting back up and you'll find success." "

Calvin Johnson

As Johnson's relationship with the Lions improves and he's simply around the team more, it feels natural he'd become a mentor to young wide receivers like Williams and Amon-Ra St. Brown. But whatever comes of it, it's just nice to see the Lions and Johnson coming together with credible people in positions of power in the organization to foster it.

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