Buccaneers to throw things back to old NFC Central with uniforms against the Detroit Lions in Week 6

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will lean into the old NFC Central, as they'll wear their creamsicle throwback uniforms against the Detroit Lions in Week 6 this season.

Among NFL throwback uniforms, even if it harkens back to their days as one of the losingest franchises in the NFL, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers "creamsicle" (owing to its light orange color) uniform is a popular one and one that everyone would love to see more.

The Buccaneers and Detroit Lions were division rivals in the old NFC Central from 1977-2001, before the Houston Texans came into the NFL and the league realigned divisions. So if they are going to wear those iconic throwback uniforms, in a home game of course, Week 6 against the Lions would be a good candidate.

Alas, that is what the Buccaneers announced on Monday morning. They'll wear the "creamsicles" in Week 6 (Oct. 15) against the Lions.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers recognized ideal opportunity to wear throwbacks vs. former division rival Detroit Lions

Some might say the Buccaneers should just make their creamsicle uniforms permanent. But that would take away the novelty and nostalgia attached to them, so it's better for them to be worn a few times a season and in games that are chosen wisely. Against a former division rival is an ideal choice.

As ESPN's Adam Schefter noted, it will be the first time the Buccaneers have worn those throwback uniforms since 2012. League rules have impacted that lengthy time period, and it's been too long.

The move for the Lions would be to counter the Buccaneers by wearing their own throwback uniforms and lean all the way into the NFC Central vibe. No word yet on if that will happen.

The Lions lead the all-time series with the Buccaneers, with a 31-29 record. Their last win over Tampa Bay came in their last trip to Raymond James Stadium, in December of 2017.

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