Brandon Aiyuk trade idea makes no sense for the Lions

The Detroit Lions should look the other way from a suggested blockbuster deal that would bring them Brandon Aiyuk.
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Jameson Williams is receiving a ton of hype this offseason with eyes on a breakout 2024, but the Detroit Lions could still use more at wide receiver. Does that mean a trade could or should be on the horizon?

The answer is yes according to some analysts, including Brett Kollmann. While most believe the Lions could merely need a depth receiver, Kollmann swung for the fences with his trade suggestion.

In that scenario, the Lions' offense would become more dangerous, pairing the more established Aiyuk with Amon-Ra St. Brown. But in light of cutting bait on Williams now, it doesn't make sense.

Jameson Williams feels destined to grow with the Lions this year

Trading Williams doesn't make sense in any scenario that might be out there, much less one like this with a top NFC rival. It seems like the 49ers are destined to be a team the Lions will compete with over the near-term, so dealing Williams to them would be a risky move.

The Lions also just paid Amon-Ra St. Brown, and Aiyuk wants to be the next wide receiver to get a big contract. The Lions can't be sinking such major resources into one position. They also shouldn't necessarily deal a draft pick for a player who might not be part of the long-term plan. The 49ers are making sure it's out there they want Aiyuk back, they clearly just aren't willing to pay him what he wants.

Williams also has untapped potential as goes through his first normal offseason. He may be better than Aiyuk when it's all said and done, and he will come at lower cost for the next couple seasons. The Lions are not likely to give up on him now or during the season, and if it comes to that they might not give up on him until he plays out his rookie contract.

Flashy names always generate headlines. But in this case, the Lions are best served to keep building their offense around what they have. Williams looks to be a big piece of that puzzle, and unless something changes dramatically (and quickly) there's no realistic scenario where he's traded.


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