A big bold prediction is out there for Lions rookie running back Jahmyr Gibbs


With one sort of bold prediction already out there for Lions rookie running back Jahmyr Gibbs, a new one has taken things a step or two further.

Based purely on the draft capital investment they made in him, the Detroit Lions certainly have a plan to use rookie running back Jahmyr Gibbs heavily and in multiple ways. Paired with free agent addition David Montgomery, the Lions have one of the most interesting (if not one of the best) backfield pairs in the NFL.

Pro Footballl Focus' Trevor Sikkema recently had a solidly bold rookie season prediction for Gibbs.

Replacing D'Andre Swift in the Lions' backfield, Gibbs is lined up to find his way to paydirt fairly often as a rookie. Double-digit scores, total, feels like it's on the high-end of likely outcomes, but it's not out of the question if the Lions' offense remains as prolific as it was last year this season.

Prediction for Jahmyr Gibbs ups the bold prediction ante

Adam Schein of NFL.com recently put out his nine boldest predictions for the 2023 season heading into the summer.

No. 8 relates to Gibbs.

"8) Rookie Jahmyr Gibbs leads all running backs in touchdowns"

While you digest that bold declaration, here's what Schein wrote about it.

I lauded the Lions' draft a few weeks ago, specifically stating my love for the controversial Gibbs pick. Was a running back at No. 12 overall too rich for your blood? Not mine! And Gibbs is not just a running back; with legit pass-catching ability, he's a true offensive weapon with breakneck speed. He's a home run hitter, and savvy offensive coordinator Ben Johnson will exploit this to the fullest.

Jamaal Williams -- last year's NFL rushing TD king -- and D'Andre Swift are gone. While free-agent signee David Montgomery is a solid power back who could vulture some scores, Gibbs is the first-rounder. The electric playmaker will prove Lions brass correct while helping lead Detroit to big things this year."

Schein is boldly predicting Gibbs will lead all running backs in touchdowns this season. Not just rookie running backs, which namely and prominently would include Bijan Robinson in that segment. All running backs in the league.

For a reference point, the NFL leader in touchdowns by a running back last season was Austin Ekeler with 18. Schein's bold prediction merely mentions Montgomery as a scoring vulture. Gibbs having a real chance to get to that kind of number this year would probably require a significant injury to the former Bear.

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