At least Jared Goff won't have to play the Chicago Bears again for awhile

Jared Goff did not play well against the Chicago Bears on Sunday, again, but luckily he won't have to see them again for awhile.
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Back in Week 11 against the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff had his worst game of the season (three interceptions, and deserved at least one more). He wasn't a whole lot better in the two games after that, and Sunday's rematch against the Bears wasn't necessarily looking promising.

That lack of promise came to fruition. Goff made it four games in a row where he has not looked good, completing 20 of 35 passes for 161 yards with a touchdown, two interceptions and a lost fumble in Sunday's dismal 28-13 loss to Chicago.

There's nothing good for the Lions to take from such an ugly loss to a bad team. Except one, maybe.

Goff won't have to play the Bears again for awhile (until next season).

There's something about the Chicago Bears that doesn't suit Jared Goff

Sunday was Goff's ninth career start against the Bears, and (naturally) his sixth as a Lion.

Over the first eight, he had 12 touchdowns, eight interceptions and a 88.9 passer rating while averaging 221.3 passing yards per game. Not awful overall, necessarily, but he also had seven fumbles (three lost) over those games. He had a 105.0 passer rating in first start as a Lion against the Bears-a 24-14 loss in Week 4, 2021 where he lost two critical fumbles. So take passer rating for what it's worth in that context, as it highly rewards not throwing interceptions.

Goff's two interceptions, three turnovers and 54.6 passer rating from Sunday fits right in with his resume against the Bears, over the two games this season and more than one other over his career.

And it's not really a home-road, indoor-outdoor thing, which is generally prevalent for Goff in his career as a whole. Of his now nine career starts against Bears, five have been at home and four have been on the road outdoors at Soldier Field. And Chicago has had four defensive coordinators over that span of starts, under two head coaches, so the scheme difference hasn't made a difference.

Goff, with the lack of mobility he has, is an easier to defend than many quarterbacks are. Produce pressure, take away the middle of the field, etc., and your chances of success get good. The Bears have generally had the formula against him from the start, across coaches and his two teams. He's got 'til next season to figure it out.


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