Area of the field Lions quarterback Jared Goff dominates is not very surprising

Jared Goff dominated the Denver Broncos on a certain route in Week 15, and it's not really a surprise.
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After a rough stretch of games, even if he didn't think it was, Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff had a big rebound in Week 15 against the Denver Broncos (24-for-34, 278 yards, five touchdowns; 134.6 passer rating).

Goff's proficiency as a play-action passer is nothing new in the scope of his entire career, and it's something offensive coordinator Ben Johnson has rightfully leaned into to get the best out of his quarterback. There's a fine line between getting away from that a bit as a way to not be predictable, and getting away from it and actively hampering Goff.

Alongside keeping him from being pressured heavily, putting Goff in positions where he can thrive throwing routes he is most successful at is a huge thing for the Lions' offense.

Whatever other flaws he has, when Goff is operating at his best he is a quick processor, he gets the ball out his hands along that line and he's a fantastic anticipatory thrower.

Jared Goff simply dominates on in-breaking routes

Via Zebra Technologies, h/t to Lions Wire, Goff simply undressed the Broncos in the middle of the field last week. That fit with his domination in that area of the field all season.

"Jared Goff threw all 5 of his TD passes targeting in-breaking routes, the most in a game by a QB over the last 6 seasons. When targeting in-breaking routes he went 14/17 for 195 yards and 5 TDs (+14.9% CPOE). He now leads the NFL in TDs targeting in-breaking routes this season (15)."

In Week 14 the Chicago Bears made an effort to take away the in-breaking routes Goff thrives with, to great success. The Broncos did not offer the same resistance, and the Lions' signal caller took full advantage with all five of his touchdowns and literally half of his pass attempts coming on/to in-breaking routes.

Effective play action will usually freeze or manipulate second-level defenders who are patrolling the middle of the field. So Goff's effectiveness on in-breaking routes is a perfect marriage with his being so good on play action.


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