Amon-Ra St. Brown is fully embracing the hype around the Lions

It's no surprise, but Amon-Ra St. Brown is facing the hype around the Lions head-on.

Amon-Ra St. Brown is clearly a tone-setter for the Detroit Lions. Teammates try to mimick his work ethic, largely to no avail. What he has accomplished in his first two seasons, with the chip on his shoulder from being the 17th wide receiver taken in the 2021 draft, gives him that weight and equity.

As a team leader, St. Brown can't ignore the hype around the Lions going into this season. On the debut episode of the podcast he does with his brother Equanimeous for the new season, he addressed the hype.

"The hype is real, I would say. The fans are super excited. We’re excited, as players,” “But, honestly, we still feel like there’s still a lot of, we see each other, we’re on TV. You know, we have TVs in the cafeteria. There’s always people talking about the Lions, almost every other day, whatever it is. But, we still feel like there’s some people that don’t believe we can do it, the ‘Same Old Lions’ that haven’t won (meaningful) games in years. We still feel like there’s people still in this league, maybe not the media and what not, but people who are in the league that might think, ‘Let’s see if they can do it.’”"

Everyone knows the Lions haven't won a playoff game since the 1991 season, or a division title since 1993 (when it was called the NFC Central). But St. Brown, nor his teammates, are not turning away from the rampant expectations for this season.

Amon-Ra St. Brown to be featured in new NFL Films series

Earlier this week, the NFL announced St. Brown will be part of a new NFL Films' series called "A Football Life Origins. Each 30-minute episode includes interviews with the subject, as well as family members, coaches and those who have played prominent roles throughout their football careers.

St. Brown's episode will certainly be entertaining, for Lions' fans and NFL fans as a whole. It will debut on NFL + Thursday, Sept. 14 and air on NFL Network Friday Sept. 29.

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