6 Detroit Lions players to watch in preseason Week 2 vs. Jaguars

During their second preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Saturday, these six Detroit Lions players will be worth watching.

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Teddy Bridgewater, Detroit Lions
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1. QB Teddy Bridgewater

With Jared Goff set to sit out on Saturday, Bridgewater will probably start. How much he plays is a question, but he needs as many reps as he can get with a new offense and new teammates. The brunt of the game may be split between him and Nate Sudeld in the "competition" to backup Goff, with undrafted rookie Adrian Martinez falling by the wayside.

Bridgewater is virtually locked in to the No. 2 quarterback spot for the Lions. He will have to fall completely on his face and have Nate Sudfeld play above his head, or be injured, for that to change. Dan Campbell did point to having to see if Bridgetwater still had it, but that shouldn't linger as a real issue.

Bridgewater's leadership traits have already come to light in just a few practices with the Lions. Via Kyle Meinke of MLive, offensive lineman Graham Glasgow (who played with Bridgewater in Denver) immediately lauded the Lions' new signal caller.

"He’s a great guy, he brings a lot of positive energy. I think that he is going to do really good by a lot of these younger guys. I feel like he was really good mentoring the younger receivers there, and I think he could do a good job of that here too.”"

Graham Glasgow

One thing that will be something to see on Saturday with Bridgewater his jersey number. With Nos. 1-19 currently taken on the Lions' roster, he will wear No. 50 until he can (and has to) change it heading into the season.

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