5 Detroit Lions who are already turning heads at OTAs

Through the first week of OTAs, these five Detroit Lions have made a quick impression.
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2. CB Carlton Davis

Reporters on the ground at Allen Park on Thursday were highly complementary of Davis' performance during practice. But it was a post-practice quote that has garnered more attention.

"I'm about to just lock sh*t up," Davis said.
"I mean, excuse my French", Davis continued, "but I'm about to lock number one receivers up, get my hands on some balls, get the ball back to our offense, play physical and bring the energy. You'll see, you'll see."

Davis is bringing a skill set and a swagger the Lions' secondary needs, and he has wasted no time to offer it. After Thursday's practice performance, which apparently saw him matched up with Jameson Williams at times, he offered up a quote that will go untouched as the best of offseason (and perhaps the entire season) for the Lions.

1. WR Jameson Williams

Speaking of Williams, Thursday started with head coach Dan Campbell lauding him as the most improved Lions' player this spring and saying he has improved "everywhere." Some little things were picked up by reporters on-site during practice, and while Williams didn't have a perfect outing during the session (a tough drop on a deep ball that left Williams openly showing frustration afterward was noted by multiple reporters), overall it seems he had a positive showing following Campbell's comments.

It's not like he has much choice, but to his credit Williams is publicly embracing (and tentatively raising) the heightened expectations around him heading into his third season. He will be one of the most-watched players on the team, if not the most-watched, until further notice as everyone anticipates a breakout season. Thursday was a fine start to him fulfilling his potential this year, finally with nothing to throw a wrench into his focus during offseason work.

Honorable Mention: DT Brodric Martin, who has transformed his physique heading into his second season.


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