5 cornerbacks Detroit Lions could trade for to replace Cameron Sutton

Here are some cornerbacks the Detroit Lions could trade for to replace the departed Cameron Sutton.
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After his lackluster performance on the field in his first season with the team, a chunk of Detroit Lions' fans wanted Cameron Sutton gone. He is gone now, however unfortunately under the broader circumstances after a warrant for his arrest was made public this past week. The team released him the next day.

The trade to acquire Carlton Davis from the Buccaneers and the signing of Amik Robertson has greatly lessened the Lions' need a cornerback. But it was resurfaced a bit more in the wake of the situation with Sutton, if only on the idea of adding another experienced player to the mix before the draft.

To paraphrase what general manager Brad Holmes said earlier this offseason, "you can never have too many corners."

So it's unlikely Holmes does nothing to address Sutton's absence/departure, even if it's not until the draft. But a rookie would be stepping into a fairly significant role right now, as currently constituted. A veteran addition, in free agency or via a trade, is in play.

Of course one notable potential cornerback trade target is off the board. L'Jarius Sneed is on his way to the Tennessee Titans, and he's of course getting the big contract that probably took the Lions out of the mix to get him as things went on.

Here are some remaining, and possibly available, cornerbacks the Lions could trade for to replace Sutton.

5 cornerbacks Detroit Lions could trade for to replace Cameron Sutton

5. Patrick Surtain II, Denver Broncos

Addressing any lingering idea about Surtain to the Lions here specifically to dismiss it. If they weren't going to pony up all the costs for Sneed, rightly or wrongly, they probably wouldn't do if for Surtain. Yes, Surtain is three years younger, coming up on his 24th birthday in April. But he is approaching getting a contract that may reset the top of the cornerback market, and the Lions' looming future contract extension investments are well-documented.

As young as he is, Surtain should be considered a building block for the future in Denver. They won't have the residue of the Russell Wilson situation forever, and they'll need good/great players in place for their next phase. They won't give Surtain away, and he could (should?) be an exception to the recent history of cornerbacks being acquired for no better than a third-round pick.

But Surtain does fall into the category of cornerbacks the Lions could try to trade for, hence why he's here. It's just not very likely to happen, and never has been all that likely to happen.