5 potential free agency landing spots for Lions guard Jonah Jackson

If he gets to the open market and leaves in free agency, here are five potential landing spots for Lions' guard Jonah Jackson.
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2. San Francisco 49ers

Outside of left tackle Trent Williams, the 49ers are not especially strong along the offensive line and the interior is notably not so great. Right guard Jon Feliciano had a fine 2023 season (81.2 Pro Football Focus grade), but left guard Aaron Banks (54.9 PFF grade) is begging to be upgraded on this offseason.

The 49ers have work to do to get cap-compliant right now, and they have some contract situations coming up. But they will remain in all-in mode until further notice, as they try to get over the hump and win a Super Bowl one of these years as basically currently constructed. They're also in the unique position of paying quarterback Brock Purdy pennies for at least one more year ($985,000 base salary in 2024), before he can be signed to a contract extension that better reflects his actual market value.

The 49ers don't have a lot of holes, so they can be very focused on the few they have. Left guard is one for sure, and if they can make sufficient financial room to make a viable offer to Jackson they could very well get him.

1. Washington Commanders

ESPN's Matt Bowen, in projecting team fits for the top available free agents recently, matched Jackson with the Commanders. Saahdiq Charles, who started 10 games at left guard for them last season, is also an unrestricted free agent and he's absolutely replaceable (55.5 overall Pro Football Focus).

The Commanders also have the most available salary cap space in the league right now. While there's certainly a balance that will have to be struck, they won't miss on a player in free agency because they weren't willing to pony up to get them. An upgrading at left guard is in play, and even in his down year Jackson was better than Charles.

Washington can pay more than anyone else or anyone they really want in free agency, at least in the theory. Jackson may actually come at a discount relative to what it seemed he could have gotten on the open market this spring before the 2023 season started. That only bolsters the potential fit, if the Commanders want to pursue him.


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