3 Denver Broncos who should be on the Detroit Lions' radar before the trade deadline

The Denver Broncos are a clear-cut trade deadline seller, and the Detroit Lions should have particular interest in these three players.
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At 4-1, the Detroit Lions are clearly buyers as the trade deadline nears if there's a good opportunity to make a deal. On the flipside the 1-5 Denver Broncos are sellers, and open for business. Even if head coach Sean Payton will never say so publicly, since he wasn't hired for a rebuild that would trade players for draft picks in his first year. Being a deadline seller was not part of the plan.

Reports about who is or might be available in Denver are difficult to avoid.

There's some easy and too convenient "Why would anyone want their players?" sentiment to the mess that's going on with the Broncos. Fans of the Lions, and presumably other potential trade deadline buyers, are easy purveyors of it. But that should not obscure the fact there are some good players on that roster, and Payton overestimated his ability to coax more out of them after calling out former head coach Nathaniel Hackett during the offseason.

As the Broncos presumably start to shift into full-on sell-mode now, with few if any players totally off-limits on the surface, these three players should be of particular interest to the Lions as the trade deadline nears.

3 Denver Broncos who should be on the Detroit Lions radar heading toward the trade deadline