Dan Campbell sealed the deal to bring John Cominsky back to Lions

John Cominsky was always most likely to re-sign with the Lions, but head coach Dan Campbell apparently sealed the deal.

Right after last season ended, John Cominsky was clear and adamant that he wanted to re-sign with the Detroit Lions. It’s safe to say the feeling was mutual, but he did his due diligence to see what the open market might have for him.

Cominsky of course ultimately landed back in Detroit, with a two-year deal worth up to $9.5 million with incentives and $4 million guaranteed.

As he officially signed his new deal on Wednesday via Tim Twentyman of the Lions website, Cominsky was wearing a t-shirt his agent gave him before the Atlanta Falcons waived him last summer.

What does it say on it?

“1 year of focus and hustle can change your life forever”

My agent gave me this shirt about a year ago today,” Cominsky said. “It was a mindset thing. I like that. I put it on, and I thought I had a little extra edge working out, a little extra edge when I was walking around. I said I need about 10 more of those because I’m going to wear them all year long.
“Here we are full circle signing a contract that’s going to change my life and it’s true. It’s a testimonial to anyone that they can just put their head down for 365 days and know their life can change.”

Focus and hustle certainly did change Cominsky’s life in the last 10 months since he was waived. He became a key cog on the Lions’ defensive line very quickly, then after missing three games due to right thumb surgery he played pretty well the rest of the season with a club on his hand.

Dan Campbell sealed the deal to bring John Cominsky back to Detroit

Cominsky acknowledged he has “99.9 percent” certain he would re-sign with the Lions and “Detroit was it all along.” But he added what was the final piece of the puzzle.

“And then that text.”

“That text” came from head coach Dan Campbell. And what did it say?

Coach Campbell sent me a text saying, ‘I’m dying to have you here.’ And I told my wife, ‘That’s it, I’m going to Detroit,'” said Cominsky. “So here we are.

Cominsky also noted how he’s “excited to play with two hands again”. He didn’t need much of a push to re-sign with the Lions, but Campbell mad sure to close the deal.