The Detroit Lions made their own backup quarterback bed

The Detroit Lions backup quarterback competition turned into a slap fight, but it wasn’t going to play out any other way.

Be it due to committing to Jared Goff as their starter for 2022 and not wanting to add serious competition for him or something else, the Detroit Lions ran it back with their backup quarterbacks this offseason.

Tim Boyle was re-signed and David Blough was tendered as a restricted free agent, with seemingly no consideration for outside options. Not drafting a quarterback in April can be forgiven, but no effort to easily upgrade the situation behind Goff was malpractice.

Blough seemed to gain an edge over Boyle in the first preseason game, then Boyle looked better in the second. Sunday’s preseason finale against the Steelers was an opportunity for someone to “take the reigns” (head coach Dan Campbell’s exact words).

Boyle was awful against the Steelers. Blough was only slightly better, highlighted by a couple improvisations to make throws.

After the game, Campbell talked about the battle for the backup job.

Via Kyle Meinke of MLive:

Here is what I would say,” “I think it became very clear. I think we got things answered, and I would leave it at that.”

Asked directly about adding another quarterback, Campbell wasn’t ready to go all the way there.

I do not even want to go that far. I am sorry. I feel like we got a lot of clarity.”

The Detroit Lions made the backup QB bed they now sleep in

By all indications Campbell and Lions general manager Brad Holmes are on the same page with everything that’s done and communicate effectively. But it’s fair to think the head coach isn’t thrilled with the backup quarterback situation, and probably hasn’t really been all offseason.

This quote from The Athletic’s Nick Baumgardner, in tweeting out the site’s final 53-man roster projection, is perfect.

Lions have options at QB2, but none of them is a time machine allowing them to go back and fix this in spring like they should have.

Some Lions’ 53-man roster projections out Monday morning have had Boyle and Blough both being cut. It’s not a stretch to think it could happen, and we’re reminded how no kicker was kept on the 53-man roster at final cuts last year.

Roster cuts will bring some backup quarterback options for the Lions. They may act and sign one to be their No. 2 quarterback. But the action to add a credible backup for Goff should have come months ago.

Barring a surprisingly good or interesting outside addition, it’s been confirmed that Goff’s health is tied to the Lions’ success this season more than any other player’s health is.