Is there one player the Detroit Lions could draft that would unify everyone?

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The point of the draft is to build a championship contender

Now every fan wants their general manager to be really good at his job. So good that they have a dynamic head coach, a talented exciting roster and the opportunity to contend in the playoffs. In Detroit, we have to settle for having a general manager that doesn’t embarrass us too much.

Yet no matter what your favorite team is and how much you may support your general manager, fans often don’t agree with every selection their team makes.

This becomes especially true when you’re talking about a high pick like the number three overall selection that the Lions possess this year. Everyone has an opinion and that close to the top of the draft, there are as many directions the Lions can go as there are opinions.

As I have looked over the possible scenarios and done some random asking around, I have found that it is almost impossible to come up with a pick that would make everyone happy. Which isn’t the point of the draft.

The point is to gather as many difference-makers as possible to build a championship contender and then make a run at the Super Bowl. Something the Lions traditionally don’t do any season that they actually have to play the games.

But is there a pick the Lions could make that would be a decided difference-maker on the field and please almost all the fans as well?

Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia probably already have their own wish list as to who they would like to select. Fans feel the same way. Some will be happy as long as the Lions get one of the ‘elite three’ players in this draft.

Some will only have eyes for Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Others are willing to go the popular route of most mock drafts to get Ohio State cornerback Jeff Okudah, while some are on board with the idea of Auburn defensive tackle Derrick Brown.

Then there is the whole trade down scenario. Leverage the third overall pick for a ransom of draft picks and then use the extra selections to start filling needs.

In truth, all of these possibilities have pros that could help the Lions. Including trading down which would probably allow the Lions to move back, get extra picks and still select either Brown or Okudah.

So which scenario would not only help the Lions but get the most universal ‘thumbs up’ from the fan base as well?