Is there one player the Detroit Lions could draft that would unify everyone?

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If he’s there, just pick him

Considering all the possible directions that the Lions could go, there is one lone scenario that seems to easily have the highest percentage of support from Lions fans. It would be the possibility most Honolulu Blue and Silver fans are desperately crossing their fingers for.

That would be the scenario where Ohio State defensive end Chase Young slips to the Lions at number three.

This would be the marriage of the Lions’ biggest need, someone who can consistently pressure opposing passers, and a generational talent that should dominate the NFL for the next dozen years if not longer.

Consider the benefits that San Francisco reaped from their first-round pick from last April; Nick Bosa who hit the NFL ground running with nine sacks as a rookie. Along with applying consistent pressure on opposing passers, he played the run very well and helped the 49ers defense take a huge step forward.

Could Chase Young do the same for the Lions? The truth is that would depend on who else Bob Quinn is able to add to the defensive line, at linebacker and even the secondary, but even without a bevy of help, Young would at least make the pass defense a little better by helping to apply consistent pressure on opposing passers.

So the next question is; is it really a possibility the Lions could get Young? The answer, surprisingly, is ‘yes’.

Now let me start by saying that I am not a big believer that Washington will allow this DC kid to get past them. I think the percentages are very slim, but if the rumors of Miami discussing the possibility of trading up to get the Redskins pick hold any weight, then maybe the dream scenario could come true.

But if Young does somehow get past the Redskins, then the final question is the big one; does Bob Quinn actually make the no-brainer pick or does he try to once again do the smartest man in the room thing and choose another player instead?

Last year it seemed rather obvious that Houston defensive tackle Ed Oliver was the right pick. Those who wanted to see Michigan linebacker Devin Bush in Honolulu Blue were certainly justified in their thought process as well.

Instead, Bob Quinn went smartest man and picked tight end T.J. Hockenson. Now I really like Hockenson and do believe he will be an outstanding player, but it’s a position that takes time to develop. The Lions needed a player that could contribute more consistently from day one.

And there is no such thing as too many defensive aces. Especially since the Lions have maybe one right now. And don’t even give us any nonsense that Young doesn’t fit Matt Patricia’s defensive scheme.

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If Quinn is playing to win now and somehow the heavens open up and allow Chase Young to be available at the third pick, Quinn had better not overthink it. Pick Young, giving the Lions a defensive ace and plug him in regardless of Patricia’s scheme. Make the fans happy and the Lions better for once.