Is there one player the Detroit Lions could draft that would unify everyone?

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The Detroit Lions pick third in the draft. With all the differences in opinion about who they should take, is there one pick that would make everyone happy?

The Detroit Lions, along with the rest of the league, will watch the NFL Scouting Combine wrap-up today at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. A few more 40-yard dash times to check out and then it’ll be time to start setting the draft board.

We still have over a month and a half before the draft is here, but Lions fans are already excited and anxious to see what general manager Bob Quinn can do with the third overall pick for Detroit.

We all know that great draft classes help build contenders. We also know that Bob Quinn will definitely be under the microscope this year. Quinn has made some draft mistakes, every general manager has a few, but the real problem is the lack of difference-makers Quinn has drafted for the Detroit Lions.

Living in a salary cap era, it is incredibly important to make every draft pick count. All too many teams or fans think it’s possible to build a contender through free agency. That’s a recipe to spend money and have nothing to show for it.

Building a championship team in today’s NFL starts with smart drafting. It’s about getting it right in the draft while building a talented, deep team that is ready to contend. Then you add the key free agents needed to get over the top.

Sorry, it doesn’t work in reverse. So while smart moves in free agency are vital to making a contender, the lifeblood of every NFL team is the draft. That means your team will be what you draft. Have an average to poor draft and your team will be average to poor. String together some great drafts and watch your team become a contender.