The Detroit Lions face a must win situation on Monday Night Football

DETROIT, MI - OCTOBER 29: Quarterback Matthew Stafford
DETROIT, MI - OCTOBER 29: Quarterback Matthew Stafford /

To keep pace in the division and avoid a potential meltdown the Detroit Lions need to find a way to stop the bleeding against Green Bay.

I’d be LION if I said Monday night wasn’t a must win game for the Detroit Lions. Detroit is running out of opportunities to prove they’re a playoff caliber football team and after dropping their last three games they need to show up at Lambeau Field and play with desperation.

Lambeau has been a house of horrors for Detroit. The Lions, pathetically, have lost 22 of their last 23 in Green Bay. But they have a golden opportunity for a rare Wisconsin road win as they are going up against the Packers before the tundra freezes over and without their franchise quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

After Detroit once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory this past Sunday night against the Steelers they are in absolutely no position to lose to Brett Hundley, who looked atrocious in his debut. 

Now I know what you’re thinking.. they can’t finish in the Red Zone, they can’t run the football, and they’re playing like the “same old Lions”. I’m not saying those things aren’t somewhat true, but deep down under the stink, ineptitude, and lack of execution I truly believe there is a talented football team in those Honolulu blue uniforms and hopefully we’ll get to see it on Monday night.

Some of Detroit’s biggest issues, such as converting in short yardage situations, are correctable and after embarrassing themselves on national television this past weekend it is time for them to shine under the spotlight.

The Minnesota Vikings have won four games in a row and the Lions cannot afford to fall further behind the divisional leaders. Minnesota has a defense that will keep them in every game and Detroit needs to start stringing together some wins to keep the pressure on the Vikings.

The Lions possess the talent to win this division and to do so they need to assert themselves as a force to be reckoned with starting this week in Green Bay. I may be a fool, but I still have faith that they will find a way to right the ship and turn this season around.

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Even after the agonizing first seven games of the season it looks to me like Detroit’s best football is still ahead of them. They just need to get it together now or else it may be too little too late.

I can already smell the cheese curds.. bring on the Pack!