Detroit Lions Likely To Sign Veteran Backup After Departure Of Dan Orlovksy


The Detroit Lions will part ways Dan Orlovsky, this according to the man himself in an interview on SirusXM NFL Radio. During that interview on February 16th, the back-up QB indicated that the Lions would be going in a different direction, possibly promoting Jake Rudock to the backup role.

That is new Orlovsky may have been sitting on for over a week after hinting at leaving Detroit in a tweet.

This is the right move and one I have been advocating for since the Detroit Lions were bounced out of the 2016 playoffs. It makes zero sense to waste money on a back-up that has no-chance to help the team in an injury situation.  I have always suggested the cap space would be better spent on a young quarterback the team could develop while carrying the clip board for the very durable Matthew Stafford.

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Although it appears the Lions may have settled on the role Jake Rudock will play in 2017, they might not be done adding depth to the quarterback position.

In response to the story by the Detroit Free Press’ Brian Manzullo, Lions beat reporter Tony Ortiz said he heard from “someone he trusts” that the Lions would still pursue veteran backup despite the Detroit Lions confidence in Rudock.

There are a few names on the 2017 free agent list that might fit in Detroit. Former Spartan and Chicago Bear Brian Hoyer has proven he can contribute off the bench. Former Texan Matt Schaub could be looking for a chance to prove he can still play in the league.

Whatever direction the Lions decide to go in will be an improvement over marking time with Dan Orlvosky whom the Lions clearly had no confidence in last season.  That said Orlovsky will probably land a back-up job in 2017 and probably excel in the role.  But the expiration date on his  usefulness for the Lions came long ago. Now Lions fans can go back to one of their favorite pastimes, cheering for the backup.