Detroit Lions: Offseason Guide To Success

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What to do now? That is the question. The Detroit Lions have already gotten off to a great start to their offseason. Here’s how they can continue that success.

Now we’ve already talked till we’re blue in the face about what the Lions have this offseason when it comes to cap space and draft picks. Everyone and their mother has opinions on which players the Lions should target in both of those areas. But what needs to be laid out is a simple plan. A guide to exactly what needs to be done to bring the Lions back to the playoffs in 2016, instead of back to couch in January.

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Just the same as everyone’s opinions on draft prospects and free agents, everyone has a plan on what the Lions need to do and what areas to hit. Today I share mine. If you’re hoping it includes outlandish ideas and hopes and dreams, I’m sorry in advance for the disappointment you will soon feel. Let’s jump into it with what’s coming around the corner in the next week or so.

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