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5 Free Agent Wide Receivers the Detroit Lions Should Target

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Marvin Jones

Prior to losing all of 2014 to injury, Marvin Jones was being talked of as a breakout star for the Cincinnati Bengals.  He scored 10 touchdowns in 2013, each more impressive than the last.  Able to find a more rounded game after returning in 2016, Marvin Jones amassed a respectable 65 catches for 815 yards behind AJ Green.  A healthy Tyler Eifert (For a while) took much of his red zone usefulness away, but he’d find that role immediately in Detroit.

Cost won’t be prohibitive with Jones, but he won’t be as cap friendly as the previous players I covered.  New contracts are all about what you can do for me down the road, not what you have done already, and Jones has shown himself a workable threat in an offense that can use playmakers.  He’s one of those guys I feel will get a contract pundits complain about until he lives up to it, which should be fairly early in that contract’s lifespan.

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