Detroit Lions Stock Report: Weeks 10-11

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Stock Up: Theo Riddick

Prior to the 2015 season, Joique Bell predicted a 1,500 yard year.  More tempered predictions involved rookie Ameer Abdullah, whose fit in the Detroit Lions borrowed Saints offense was unmistakable.  Neither of those two players has been able to make their case long-term, and while Abdullah has the rookie card to play the Detroit Lions are running one of the worst rushing offenses in history.

At 50 attempts for only 138 yards, it looks like Bell is going to be a little shy of his prediction. That doesn’t mean nobody has picked up the slack, however.  The third year sixth round pick, Theo Riddick, has built on his solid 2014 by doing more than just owning the final two minutes of football games, but by becoming a solid weapon the team is finally learning how to use.

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He still isn’t much as a rusher, but as a receiving threat out of the backfield he has been money.  The Detroit Lions casually move him about the offense, looking for that linebacker match up they so love, and have exploited it nearly every time a defense is foolish enough to give it to him.  He’s one of the best receiving backs in the league, if not the best. He currently leads the NFL in receptions by a RB, and is likely to build on that lead in the coming weeks.  He isn’t the Riddickulous player his teammates have been billing him as each offseason, but he’s a really good offensive weapon.

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