Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers: What To Watch For


Well here we go again Detroit Lions fans. The yearly abysmal performance in Wisconsin is upon us. You know the history, the Lions haven’t won in Green Bay since 1991 and there’s probably no way the Lions at 1-7 can break this streak. The one thing to take solace in if you can, is that due to the embarrassment of this season thus far, it’s safe to say that most have shed their emotional attachment at this point. Having said that, this loss shouldn’t hurt too much.

Lions in Wisconsin: Analyzing the streak

Nevertheless, here’s what to watch for this Sunday.

Will Calvin Johnson play?

On Friday evening the Lions officially downgraded Calvin Johnson to questionable. That has to make you wonder if the Lions will decide to set Megatron aside for this game. If Calvin does wind up playing, just how much of threat will he be?

If the Lions plan on playing as poorly as they have been the past few weeks, they might as well let Calvin heal up and go with Golden Tate as their number one option. To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised to see 81 on the field after all.

How bad is it going to be?

Sure the Packers have lost the last two on the road and haven’t looked like the team we thought they were. But let’s be honest, this is still a very good Packers team with the best quarterback in the NFL. Last week the Lions allowed the Kansas City Chiefs, who currently hold the leagues 23rd ranked offense, to score 40 plus points on their defense. That alone should give you an idea of what to expect this Sunday.

Don’t be surprised if the Packers score 40 points themselves when they take on the Lions. In fact don’t be surprised to see Eddie Lacy have a big game, James Jones score twice, Stafford get picked off twice, see another classic Jim Caldwell is confused face and hear the media proclaim that Aaron Rodgers is back.

Hang on for dear life and hope for the best

That’s really all you can say at this point. I mentioned earlier that most Lions fans have likely become numb to the teams woes this season. If you want to go into this game hoping for a massive upset, by all means please do. I won’t blame you or pass judgement on you. I think everyone hopes for the best for the Lions this Sunday. Even bears and Vikings fans will be cheering for the Lions in this game. But if you’re expecting a 1980 USA hockey like upset moment, you’re probably not going to get it.

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So hold on Detroit Lions fans. This season is likely to get worse before it ever gets better. Black Monday is 50 days away and you can expect some exciting changes all across the board as well as real cap space and double-digit draft picks. This season may be horrible, but this summer should be a lot of fun.