Detroit Lions Stock Report: Week 8

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Stock Down: Confidence For Everyone

The 2015 Detroit Lions suck.  That’s not a fun thing to type and I’m sure it isn’t any more enjoyable to read.  It’s the state of things at this time, however, and we’ve got to live with it for 9 more weeks before the season mercifully ends.  When I say Confidence is down for everyone, I’m not talking just about the fans here, though.

You could see it written all over Wembley Stadium. The Lions didn’t just lose a road game.  They were blown out by one of the worst offenses in the NFL.  And not just one of the worst offenses either, but one of the worst offenses that was also missing its best player.  That’s a whole new level of awful, and we could smell it all the way back here in Michigan.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better, too.  Fans are calling for heads to roll, and while some of those targets of ire are 100% justified, not all of them are.  Seasons like this that start with so much promise and fail so completely often see fans turning on their players, even when they don’t deserve it.  We see it already.  I’m asked every week if Darius Slay has truly lost it, even when he plays as well as he did this week.

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Fans want to blow it all up.  They want us to trade away our best players, and they’re fueled by a national media that plays upon the frustration.  Just remember, Lions fans, your team sucks right now but that doesn’t mean they always will.  They are going to need their good players to turn things around in the future, and bailing on everyone involved in this season isn’t going to help.

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