Detroit Lions Stock Report: Week 8

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Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Stock Down: Matthew Stafford

Last week, we saw Stafford sliding on the heels of his team trying to murder him.  This week, he did most of the damage himself.  Protection was once again very poor and Stafford spent much of the game running for his life.  That’s been par the course this season, and he’s had some days where he overcame even that to keep the team on track.

This was not one of those games.

Matthew Stafford was consistently off target and either stared down his targets or didn’t wait for routes to develop before rifling the ball past his receivers.  Both interceptions were primarily his fault and there were better targets on each play.  Despite all of the hits Stafford has been taking, he’s only fumbled once all season and that’s admirable, but he can’t keep throwing the ball to the opposing team (duh).

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