Detroit Lions Stock Report: Week 8

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Stock Up: Joique Bell

2015 has been a career worst season for Joique Bell, even including his first two in which he didn’t even make a regular season roster.  Prior to this week he was rushing for only 1.1 yard per carry and was basically just stealing carries from more talented rushers.  He wasn’t as useful in the passing game as he used to be and he coudln’t rush to save his life.

As is normal for Bell, he tends to pick up the later in the year it gets.  He ended the Chiefs game rushing 7 times for 56 yards, for 8 yards per carry.  Yes, I’m aware that 32 of those yards were on one play, but you know what?  I’m giving this one to him.  After three surgeries and such a terrible start, the dude could use some praise for a game well played.

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It wasn’t a perfect game for Bell, and I’m inclined to think this is a blip on his season rather than a turnaround.  Still, it’s worthwhile to note when a Detroit Lions running back manages over 4 yards a carry these days.

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