Detroit Lions in London: What To Watch For


Back to London for the Detroit Lions. The difference between last years trip and this years is the staggering truth that the Lions don’t have much to play for this time around.  What a week it has been already for the Lions. The team dismissed offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi and line coaches Jeremiah Washburn and Terry Hefernan just before hoping on the international flight to London. The Lions also moved their quarterback coach into the offensive coordinator position. Which brings us to our first question.

How will Jim Bob Cooter change the offense?

This will be the first game of Cooter’s career that he will be running an NFL offense. Will he be able to draw up the right plays to suit the talent like his predecessor couldn’t? I urge Lions fans to temper their expectations going into this game. There’s likely to be some early growing pains that will hurt the Lions and kill some drives. Outside of that, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Lions go deep early and often in an effort to capitalize on their strengths.

Oct 29, 2015; Chandler

Can the defensive line get to Alex Smith?

Not sure what’s going on in the above picture. I am sure that Ansah and Ngata had themselves some nice performances in the Lions loss to the Vikings. Ansah continues to get better as the years go by and Ngata finally showed what the type of play that Ravens fans have been used to for years.

Goodbye Silverdome, Goodbye Childhood

Due to Jamal Charles injury, the Chiefs find themselves basically without their offense. Alex Smith is going to have to beat the Lions with his arm if Kansas City hopes to leave England with a win. This suits the Lions chances as the Alex Smith has not been known as a quarterback that makes the big plays or passes to wide receivers. The Lions must get in his face all day.

Are the Lions going to embarrass themselves?

The Lions are a weird team. They always see to find ways to lose games no matter how talented they may be. This is the perfect game for the Lions to get embarrassed as it’s the one nobody expects. It’s hard not to wonder if Alex Smith comes alive against the Lions and sets a few career highs. It’s the kind of thing that happens to the Lions in 2015.

The Lions must show their pride on Sunday if they want to pick up another international win. We shall see which Lions team shows up bright and early on Sunday at 9:30 on Fox. The whole country will see for that matter.

Prediction: Lions beat Chiefs 14-10

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