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Stock Up: Eric Ebron

This particular writer has been singing Eric Ebron’s praises for a long time.  That’s not bragging, just prefacing what’s coming with that grain of salt, hoping that you’ll simply gain a better understanding of why I thought he’d do well.  Ebron has faced immense criticism from fans and media alike since the Detroit Lions took him with the 10th overall pick of 2014.  The expectations were unrealistic and Ebron was never going to reach a plateau that would have satisfied most fans.

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That said, even his fans were not impressed with his rookie campaign.  While he fell into that average area I predicted he would as a rookie, there were quite a few moments where he looked completely lost.  No, I’m not talking about drops, where he wasn’t nearly as bad as it was made out to be, but rather every other part of the game.  The cerebral aspect of playing tight end wasn’t there.  Eric Ebron was, for the most part, the worst thing you can be as a tight end…unreliable.

That has changed in 2015.  It has mostly been hidden because of inept playcalling and injury, but Eric Ebron has actually been coming into his own and was finally able to truly show that against the Vikings…at least for a little while.  Prior to Joe Lombardi forgetting there was a game on, Ebron was tearing up the football and was nearly uncoverable.  He became an insane tandem with Calvin Johnson that ought to highlight what this team can be.  All they need now is to pull their heads out of their backsides.

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