Detroit Lions Stock Report: Week 7

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Six games is apparently how many losses it would take for the Detroit Lions to move on from the worst offensive coordinator in recent memory.  We here at SideLion Report have been calling for Lombardi’s head for quite some time, and it was never a certainty coming into this season that he would keep his job for long. There are others who remain on the hot seat, but this could be the start of something.  What that something is?  Well…  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and focus on the good and bad from this week’s contest.

Stock Up: Jim Bob Cooter

Aside from having one of the best football names in the country, Jim Bob Cooter hasn’t done anything to make me think he can take the reins from the recently departed Joe “Lombardi in Name Only” Lombardi.  I know that’s going to seem like I’m a Debbie Downer to some, but I’ve been saying this for quite some time, actually.

Cooter takes over the worst offense in the NFL with holes nearly everywhere and is asked to make a scheme change.  Those things by themselves are pretty daunting, but there are some things working for him that ought to make this a pretty good transition for the Detroit Lions despite my own personal reservations.

For one, with the exit of Lombardi and the inclusion of a scheme change into the mix means the Detroit Lions are likely moving on to a more Colts like offense than the Saints like offense they were running.  That isn’t all positive, but it does mean that the stupid zone blocking offensive line calls are going to be replaced with more sensible and simple man schemes.  That alone should lead to more protection for Matthew Stafford, who was nearly killed this week against Minnesota.  Jim Bob Cooter might not be some overarching answer for all of the Detroit Lions problems, but he should be able to help them weather the storm of 2015.

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