Detroit Lions Stock Report: Week 6

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Stock Down: Joe Marciano’s Group

Any time your group muffs a punt, you try to figure out who is to blame.  Was it the returner, did he not have enough coverage, what was really going on?  When you have two in one game, executed by different players, and have a plethora of penalties on your teams group, it falls squarely on the coaches.  Joe Marciano is having a rough time with his teams units.

TJ Jones muffed a punt.  That sucks, but later we would have Corey Fuller putting himself in a position he never should have been in to touch another one and give the ball back to the Bears.  All told, the Chicago Bears had three scoring drives where they started inside the 25, two of which came from special teams gaffes.

Joe Marciano has a gimme of a punter in Sam Martin, who is one of the best in the league (If not already at the top).  He has a gimme of a kicker in Matt Prater, who is a perfect 6 for 6 on the year.  And yet, he can’t figure out how to get his players to stop turning the football over or stop getting stupid penalties to put the team in terrible field position.  Frankly, as was the expectation when he was first hired, he stinks.

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