Detroit Lions Stock Report: Week 6

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Stock Down: Tim Wright “IronMan”

Tim Wright played a whole bunch of snaps against the Chicago Bears.  That’s admirable.  He made a tough, heads up touchdown grab as well, which is also admirable.  What is not admirable is literally everything else when it comes to Tim Wright’s play against the Chicago Bears.

Tight ends need to block.  If they can’t block, they need to be a good receiver.  Tim Wright was neither of those things against the Chicago Bears.  He dropped passes after running sloppy routes.  He blocked like a 75 year old grandmother attempting to corral a hyperactive toddler.  He was, in almost every way, dreadful.

Tim Wright is a lot of things, and one of those things is a pretty good receiving option if the team has someone else to carry the majority of the heavy tight end work.  With Eric Ebron sidelined and recovering, and Brandon Pettigrew suffering an in week injury, the workload was simply too much to ask of the NFL’s smallest tight end and he looked really, really bad.

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