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Oct 11, 2015; Detroit, MI, USA; A Detroit Lions fan reacts during the second quarter against the Arizona Cardinals at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

When I decided to do this column, I would have never imagined that the Lions would start the season 0-5. If you had said that Matthew Stafford would look like the second coming of Joey Harrington, I would have assumed that you were a trolling Green Bay fan. If you had said that a more accurate nickname for Darius Slay, would be “the match” because he is burned so often, I would have…..okay……okay……you get the idea.

Following Detroit’s 42-17 loss to Arizona at Ford Field on Sunday, I couldn’t help but notice a reoccurring theme. 80% of the questions I received pertained to the job status of the coaching staff and General Manager Martin Mayhew. It’s clear that Detroit Lions fans have given up on the season and are now looking to take some solace in feeling that winds of change will be blowing in sooner rather than later.

As always if you wish to submit a question for a future edition of #AskASideLion, submit your questions using #AskASideLion on either Facebook or Twitter. Without further adieu, here are this week’s #AskASideLion questions.

Is it time to think about drafting another QB?Ken H.

I still believe in Matthew Stafford. I think he is capable of great things. I don’t ever expect him to be a top 5 quarterback in this league, but he has the tools to lead a team. In 2011 he threw for 5,000 yards and had no defense. Last year his numbers were down as the offense struggled as a whole.

However, I have maintained for the last few seasons that the Lions should have some sort of backup plan. In the NFL, a career can change on one play. With that being said, I have been nervous since the Lions let Shaun Hill walk. Caldwell brought in Dan Orlovsky, and kept noodle armed project Kellen Moore. If Dan Orlovsky were cut tomorrow, he would not get another job in the NFL, let alone become a no.2 quarterback for any team.

Drafting a quarterback in the 3rd-5th round over the past few years would have been wise. For one, you get a chance to develop a guy. Second, that player can always become trade bait at a future date without ever seeing the field. The third reason is that a healthy competition at any position is always better for the team.

So, yes, it is time and has been time to draft a QB. This  year I don’t see a QB worth taking in the first round. I like North Dakota State QB Carson Wentz, but doubt he will go in the first round.

Why when down by 30 points and after having pulled the starting QB did they proceed to throw almost 40 times with the backup Qb instead of getting some “live” game time reps in the run game? Also why kick a field goal on 4th down in the red zone when down by so much so late in the game?Nick D.

The whole “Orlovsky Experiment” was baffling. It appears it was the result of a power struggle. Caldwell and the team  claim that Stafford was warned at halftime that if he threw another interception he would be out of the game at that point. Yesterday, reports surfaced claiming that Stafford was yanked for going renegade and calling his own plays.

I get yanking your quarterback for a poor performance, but there is no competition. If anything it embarrassed Stafford. Stafford and everyone else knows that he starts this week against Chicago.
The only conclusion that I can come to about the field goal when down by 35 is that Caldwell had to have been intoxicated. In all seriousness, maybe it was getting his field goal unit reps? I don’t have a good answer for that portion of the question, as a good answer does not exist.

Which do you feel more accurately describes the Lions at this point, train wreck or dumpster fire?Ian T.

Dumpster fire all the way. A train wreck always has some survivors. The Lions don’t appear to have a pulse. It is painful for me to talk about the team I love like that, but I am being honest. I don’t see much that is worth saving with this team.

I have never seen a team, at any level, look so dejected as a whole as the Lions were on Sunday. For a team that is build around a positive attitude and accountability, the Lions have neither at this point.

To me, this is much more depressing than the 0-16 season. For the 0-fers it was a culmination of the Millen Era. This years team was coming off a playoff game where they flirted with victory. There was plenty of optimism going in, and then “POOF”, dumpster fire.

Sep 20, 2015; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell talks with the media after the game with the Minnesota Vikings at TCF Bank Stadium. The Vikings win 26-16. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Should the Lions fire Caldwell and Joe Lombardi, and give Austin the rest of the season as an audition to become our new head coach moving forward?Nick G.

Yes. As a fan, I feel like this will be something that at least shows accountability. It would also show that the Lions, as an organization, would not tolerate being the “S.O.L. (Same Old Lions)”.

Austin will get a shot sooner or later to become a head coach. Why not give him an audition? I would prefer someone who has already hoisted the Lombardi Trophy as a head coach. However, if Austin could string together a couple winning streaks and ignite a fire it would be worth it to give him a look.

Given the way things went down yesterday, do we blame the players or do we hold the coaching staff accountable?Draven J.   

You can’t ever pin anything on one particular area. If I were to use percentages I would go 70% coaching staff and 30% players.

Theses coaches have been so infatuated by their “system”, that they are moving away from player strengths. For example, the Lions offensive line is made up of players who are known for being stronger in power/gap blocking schemes. They players have certainly not performed, but it’s as if they had been set up for failure. I said last season that the Lions won 11 games in spite of the offense.

It was bad last year, and awful this season.

The defense hasn’t been at the same level as last season, but have had some bright spots. Has the offense accounted for more than three points, you probably get a win in Seattle and get the ball rolling.

I understand why the Lions players, particularly on offense are discouraged, but I will never condone it.

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