Detroit Lions Stock Report: Week 4

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Stock Down: Jason Jones

I’ve mentioned before that Jason Jones was the Lions lowest rated defender in 2014.  I’ve also mentioned how his retention of his starting job was a bad sign for the Detroit Lions.  He’s continued his 2014 play into 2015, and has been a pretty significant liability early in the year.  Like last season, there are moments he really shines, and like last season those are still when he’s rushing from the interior of the line or stunting inwards.

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Jones has now on multiple occasions made huge mistakes that have cost the Lions significant field position or downs.  Previously it was untimely penalties, but Jones had one of the worst missed tackles I’ve seen all year against Russel Wilson.  Now, I’m sure you’re thinking “Yeah, but he got pressure!  He beat his man on the outside!” If you can’t seal the deal, it means very little.  If Jones beat his man, missed the tackle, and Wilson had to check down, then okay, but that isn’t what happened.  Jones is a very large man, and shouldn’t allow someone he has beat by about 70 lbs. to shed him that easily.  It’s embarrassing, and it happened more than once.

Worse for Jones, Devin Taylor looked better when he moved into that spot.  It’s pretty evident that Devin Taylor is the better option on the edge than Jones in the limited action we’ve seen from Taylor, but the team still refuses to make the smart choice and move Jones inside or let Taylor start over him.  Jason Jones is a local guy with high character, but he simply isn’t a defensive end and hasn’t been since the Detroit Lions signed him.  Worse still, he was injured again, a problem that has plagued his entire career.

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