Detroit Lions vs Buffalo Bills: What to watch for


Well Detroit Lions fans this is it. The last stop on the road to the NFL regular season. The Lions will host the Buffalo Bills Thursday night at Ford Field. The purpose of the fourth preseason game has always been to give players on the bubble one more shot to make the final 53 man roster. With that said, the starters are likely to not play at all in this game. But that’s what makes this an exciting watch if you’re sitting around the house doing nothing. This game is exciting because this is as close to college football as the NFL ever gets. Players fighting for their dreams and livelihood. Here’s what to watch for.

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Is this Kellen Moore’s final game with the Lions?

It has not been a good preseason for the beloved third string quarterback. This was supposed to be the year that Moore supplanted Dan Orlovsky as the Lions number two man. Moore followed a poor camp with poor preseason performances and lost out on backup spot almost immediately.

It will be sad to see Kellen Moore go for some, but 13 of 25 for 104 yards and an interception through three games is just not going to cut it. Moore needs to have a big night in order to convince the Lions that carrying three quarterbacks is the right thing to do.

Will Tim Wright play?

The Lions tight end situation got a little more interesting earlier this week when the Lions acquired Tim Wright from Tampa Bay. What this means for Joseph Fauria is still up in the air as the Lions have kept quiet on the subject and Fauria has blocked everyone and gone of the grid.

There’s been talk all week of whether or not Wright will indeed play against the Bills. But nothing has been confirmed. To piggy back on this questions, will Joe Fauria play Thursday night? I think fans will be able to get a grasp on what the Lions are planning to do based on whether or not these guys play.

Could this be the last fans will see of Zenner for a while?

At this point there is no question that the Lions will indeed keep rookie running back Zack Zenner on their 53 man roster. If they don’t, it will be travesty. Zenner will likely see the field Thursday night, but could this be the last time Lions fans see him in 2015?

This question stems from the fact that in 2014, George Winn was where Zenner is now. Winn proved that he was worth keeping around during the preseason, albeit Winn was kept around to fill a spot on the special teams unit. Winn barely saw the field as a running back in 2014. Is this what the Lions have in mind for Zach Zenner if he indeed does make the final roster? Or do the Lions have bigger plans for the former South Dakota stand out?

Who’s the hidden gem?

Aug 28, 2015; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Detroit Lions defensive tackle Jermelle Cudjo (63) runs during pre game warmups prior to the NFL preseason football game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

like George Johnson in 2014, there are always guys that seem to show up out of nowhere. This writer is a big believer of the system guy phenomenon. Ok maybe it isn’t much of a phenomenon. There are a number of players that seem to float around every year until they find the right system that just works for them. Joique Bell is another perfect example of  player that bounced from tea to team until he fit the right scheme.

The Lions have been great about finding spare parts or square pegs to fit into their system for many years. But who is the square peg this year? Right now it seems as though it’s defensive tackle Jermelle Cudjo. But will someone show up big Thursday night?

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